Türksav Defense Industry

TURKSAV Defense Industry Incorporate Company, equipped with professional, rationalist, realist, young and dynamic personnel trained on-the-job in this sector, can successfully analyse the needs of the personnel involved in the operations in the field in the best way and develop solution-centred projects.



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Türksav Defense Industry


Following the developments in the world, being always in contact with global companies, giving particular importance to the interests of our country, providing weapons, ammunition, equipment and optical materials at low prices and in good quality, promoting and marketing the products produced at home at international markets.


Assuming a leader position in the sector, reducing the dependence on foreign sources and exporting the products involved, by producing the products needed by the defense industry at global terms and contributing to the target of creating a country which can produce all the weapons, optical materials, equipment and other materials, including the related spare parts, needed by the defense industry by solely making use of national sources.

Our Goal

We have made it our goal to produce high-quality products and services in our country and to transfer technology to other countries, by participating to the projects of defense industry developed in the countries in the Middle East, Balkan Region and Africa.